Exceptional App Studios

We are committed to become worlds best personal-development app company, and help people reach their fullest potential.

About Us

Exceptional App Studios was founded on 30th September 2020. We build selfdevelopment applications that helps users to reinvent their future with the right guidance. At the center of everything we do, we are problem solvers. Exceptional App Studios develops apps that can help the user build the life they want. We have successfully developed and helped our users in reaching the life they want.

Core Values


To help people stay positive and focus on their growth.


Providing outstanding products that deliver premium value to our users.


Uphold the highest standards in all our actions.


Creating apps that make a difference.

Our Products

Manifest App

The Law of attraction states that, everything that your mind is focusing on is being attracted to you in reality. Manifest app can help you change your thoughts and beliefs in no-time. It has already been downloaded by over 600,000+ people across 110+ Countries. Manifest has a rating of 4.4/5.0 and over 4000+ reviews.

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Rewire App

Rewire is an audio affirmation library. According to a recent study by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, practicing affirmations—whether listening to pre-recordings or creating your own, helps you lower stress by alleviating perceptions of threat and defensiveness by expanding self worth through broader dispositional self-views. Our app comes with pre-recorded affirmations in male & female voice. Rewire currently has more than 10K installs and a rating of 4.6+

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Total Money Reprogram

Ranks #1 in google play store for “money manifestation”, Total money reprogram is the go-to app for all the people trying to manifest money. It has all the features that you’d look for in a manifestation app. It includes affirmation, vision boards & a lot of content about the LOA. TMR is specially made for people who are trying to manifest financial goals. It is already downloaded by more than 10,000 people and has a rating of whoping 4.7/5 on play store.

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Study Music app

There are thousands of never-ending tasks goings-on in one’s mind the whole day which can result in health issues, mental stress, and anxiety. Listening to calming music can help you perform well. Feel relaxed, calm, and focused today. The study music app provides chill-loft, relaxing & upbeat music. It has a rating of 4.5+ on play store.

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Meditation Music

Calming your anxiety or stress doesn’t need to be complicated. Just open our relaxed player and play peaceful meditation music. Calm down, chill out, or use the relaxing music for sleeping, it’s your choice. Or use guided meditation to control your thoughts and breathing and experience the long-term benefits of meditation. We offer a wide choice of free guided mediation sessions, make sure to try them all.

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Shivam Sompura

Founder & CEO

It's the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.

Japan Joshi

Flutter developer/ Content Creator

Regardless of where you start, where you end is on you.